These were the concept drawings Don Lee sent me. When my wife saw them she cried. I knew I had the right man for the job.
Here is me with God's greatest gift (outside salvation) Michelle, my wife. 

I am the senior pastor for the Tell City First Church of the Nazarene.

I would be honored if you came by for a visit.

1-20-14  It was just over a year ago that we sold our home. It was at this house in the summer, we would gather blackberries.

One of those times, I was buzzed by a bee and it inspired the story, The Bee In the Blackberry Bush. 

The bushes contained lots of blackberries. We would freeze gallons of them every year. This last year there were no bushes to pick. 

Just a few days ago, the last of the berries were used to make a small pie for us and a cobbler(a large pie) for some friends. 

I reserved the last piece of the pie for myself.(No, it was not the piece pictured) 

As I was getting ready to take the last bit, the thought of what those few transplanted berry vines grew hit me. It was a gift from a friend 5 small starts from his blackberry patch. These grew into 60 feet (18 meters) worth of blackberry bushes. From those bushes came a bedtime story. From the bedtime story a daughter who begged her dad to become a "real" author. From her inspiration came a book and we are still in the process of finding out where this will take us. 

All from a blackberry bush whose berries I can not longer get.  The last of these precious berries were in this one bite of pie.

Selah (Hebrew for "stop and listen"or consider)

I did. I do not know the words to really express what I felt. I stopped(pause), considered(pause), and then finally, ate the pie. 

It was more than good.

Besides my Daughter pushing me to become a "real" author it was also the inspiration of John Acuff who said it is better to be "90% and published than 100% and in my head."

<----Click on the picture and check out his book, Quitter. This is the least I can do to say "Thanks, John!"

(No. John Acuff has not endorsed this book. He might not even know it exists)

This is Elizabeth Birthday Party where she got the first copy of "The Bee in the Blackberry Bush."