Special Thanks:

Garrett Lee: editor and name for The Bee in the Blackberry Bush

Don Lee: Illustrator


J. Sisouphanh Ratthahao

Suzette Laporte-Ayo

Cover Design by

Mark combs at Dzindna.com

North Terre Haute Pastor's Prayer Group

 Bill @ 
Old Mansfield Village (link) 


Mary Doreen Mendoza Caballero  

John Cotter

Abigail Grupe

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Hannah Grupe

Steve Cohn

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Marjorie Hopkins

Adam Lee

Cassidy S.

Keith Taylor & Cross Tabernacle

The Open Door

Dr. James Hicks

My co-workers at SouthernCare        

Kyle Boils, 

Stephen Cecil,

Michael Fisk, 

Andy Hughes, 

John Posegay,

Scott Salo

Jim Adkins

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Lucie Winborne

& more I am sure.